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Direct Mail Marketing Postcards – Still Getting you Noticed

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Direct mail marketing postcards are a popular form of advertising that goes back long before the introduction of Internet and social media advertising. And although it may seem as though everyone advertises online now, that simply isn't the case.
Direct mail is here to stay
It might come as a surprise to some, but not everyone is plugged in to social media. Just as all potential clients aren't involved in social media sites, not all of the top companies use social media advertising either. Reports indicate that only an estimated 2% of Americans that are online use social media sites such as Twitter, that means that 98% of Americans that are Internet users do not take advantage of that form of social media. That is just one avenue! If the percentage is that small for one social media site, what does that say for others? Keep in mind that percentage was only Internet users; it doesn't indicate the percentage of Americans that do not even use the Internet at all. Based on this information alone, it appears as though direct mail advertising is still a very reliable way to reach your target market with your brand message.
Has your competition abandoned direct mail?
Social media advertising has certainly taken off in recent years as a means to get your name out there. Many companies have seen this as a great way to get a large return on their advertising investment, and may have abandoned other means of advertising altogether. Marketing through all available media makes good sense, but for some companies it just isn't financially possible with their marketing budget. The low cost of some social media advertising has drawn many of your competitors away from direct mail advertising campaigns. This is wonderful news for those businesses that still employ this type of marketing strategy, as it means you have a lot more opportunity to get noticed at the doors of your potential clients!
Are people still reading snail mail?
Absolutely! Studies suggest more than 80 % of Americans report that they check and read their postal mail daily. In addition, more than 70 % of consumers report that the recent shift of the economy means they are spending more time carefully sorting through their mail and ads looking for special deals and coupons for items they use or intend to use. More than 40 % of consumers indicated they had visited a new business based on a direct mail advertisement they had received and almost 95 % have used a coupon or offer they have received in their mailbox. It appears that a vast number of consumers are still looking forward to receiving direct mail advertising.
Getting noticed
Now that we know that direct mail advertising is still a front runner in marketing strategies, it's time to get your brand noticed. When you work closely with an advertising company that has years of proven experience you can develop a direct mail campaign that will ensure your ad is on the top of the pile. A company that can offer a one-stop shop to design, print and deliver your ads is a cost effective way to see your ROI quickly. Trust your next direct mail campaign to the professionals, and watch your business grow.

Generating Leads With Direct Mail Advertising

Direct mail advertising is a tried and true method of targeting a specific set of people to sell them a particular product or service. It is a cost effective way for a company to generate sales leads for the present and the future.

There are many industries in which direct mail advertising has had a large level of success, such as restaurants, gyms, and home improvement and cell phone companies. The key to running a successful ad campaign through direct mail is to isolate a specific neighborhood and determine its demographics. For example, a neighborhood that is predominantly Italian is a great place to distribute mail for local authentic Italian restaurants. If it is determined that a neighborhood is populated by young and active people, advertising a gym membership through direct mail would likely lead to success. A neighborhood where the majority of the homes are older is a great place to distribute direct mail advertising a home improvement company.

These are just a few examples of how direct mail advertising can be used effectively. In this day and age of people being flooded with irrelevant email offers for everything from Viagra to discount cruises and travel packages. Many people are beginning to prefer receiving ads through direct mail rather than have those same offers clutter up their inbox.

It is easy to implement a direct mail advertising campaign locally, and this can be a huge boost to small businesses in almost any industry. A campaign that offers people something they need, want or just plain can’t resist is easy to execute and carry out using this type of advertising. Once local customers are hooked on the products or services a nearby business provides, they are more likely to frequent those businesses and continue returning.

Direct Mail Advertising Leading Businesses to Success

With a high advertising expenditure to some countries especially in the U.S, Direct Mail Advertising still proved to be a great means of attracting consumers in increasing company sales, and will continue to become so in the future. At this point, you must be able to deal with the most trusted direct mail campaign professionals in town to handle your worries; sit back, relax, and just see how fast your business grows.


We at Front Door Advertising, efficiently apply Direct Mail Advertising in keeping contact with carefully picked prospects by companies utilizing promotional materials or offers on a single basis; through regular mail or email.  Included in this procedure is placing a response contact number, website address, or a business card allowing the recipients to reply whenever they feel interested with the product or service being offered. We focus on delivering direct mail and door-hangers to the right recipient using technical advances available such as computerized design and targeted mapping providing a customized kind of advertising. We are committed to effectively show quality and impressive marketing growth results to every business concerned individuals.


However, you may still doubt and ask; what advantages does Direct Mail Marketing really have to lead businesses, regardless of the kind of industry they’re involved with, into success? How can Front Door Advertising help you be among the top companies in the world through Direct Mailing? Here are the following major points we want to share with you as an answer for your questions.


Direct Mail Advertising Targeting a Large Number of Potential Customers

Business can easily acquire a mailing list of potential customers from its distributors and begin use of Direct Mail Advertising offline or online as an invitation to their customers to try new products or services offered with discounts; this will eventually lead to increased sales and profits. Then the results will be measured by the business owner based on the Direct Mail Marketing Postcards sent to the recipients within the distributed area and see which among them provides a positive outcome. Those who don’t and who do respond to each of the mailings are easily recorded and will be calculated based on the profits it generates to the company.


The advertising campaign may fail especially if you do not follow the exact and standardized procedure; thus, could cost you money and time in the long run. We at Front Door Advertising can help you maneuver a dominant direct mail campaign to productively reach new clientele, saving you from all the hassles or possibilities of failures.


Identified and Cheap Direct Mail Advertising

An effective marketing campaign unlike any other kind of advertisement must not be spammed or carelessly delivered to the recipient without proper introduction. It is imperative for the customers to feel that they are well-served; we at Front Door Advertising give high value with what we do, that is why every feedback from the people we are dealing with matters. The cost incurred with Direct Mail Advertising is also surprisingly low compared to other advertising strategies that demand high financial sustenance. There are companies that take the first step as a trial and see if everything works out. As soon as the Direct Mail Marketing Postcards shows extraordinary performance, the company can then precede into a more extensive distribution to its potentials buyers. We, at Front Door Advertising are dedicated to offering a positive result in the first try with the application of our direct mail method containing amazing benefits to deliver you in no time.


It is true that Direct Mail Advertising is the most profound marketing tool in the growth of a certain business competing with the advertisements produced in television, newspapers, radios and magazines. The primary reason could be because it can easily reach thousands of possible customers in the cheapest possible manner. Usually, a start up business owner can effectively use Direct Mail Marketing to inform everyone about a new service or product existing in the market. In the middle of the progressing technological changes, why don’t you try to associate a Direct Mail Campaign with Front Door Advertising; by then you will surely lead your business into the stage of success.

The Benefits of Direct Mail Advertising for Your Business


Advertising is important for businesses to thrive and get more customers. There are many ways that advertising can play online and offline, but it has been proven and tested that direct mail advertising can generate more leads than any other method of advertising. If you’ve been wondering what kind of marketing strategy you need to indulge your business into, try Front Door Advertising's direct mail method and discover the amazing benefits that it can deliver to you in no time.

Direct Mail Advertising is the Best Way to Reach Prospective Customers
If you want more prospective customers to know about your business, you have to get their attention effectively. When you use the direct mail marketing approach, individuals will have to read what you have sent them personally. Unlike the marketing in some social media sites, its really easy for anybody to overlook it because it’s not addressed to them individually. This is the best way to communicate with your future customers and to promote your business and services to them with a personal touch and connection. Using Direct mail, people will be able to perceive your advertising as special and distinct from any other advertisement nowadays.Front Door Advertising can help you strategize a powerful direct mail campaign to successfully reach new clientele.

Direct Mail Advertising can Establish Credibility for your Business

People are getting skeptical these days about online advertising, because of the scams and swindling that happen often. However, with direct mail advertising, you can give your future clientele a chance to know your company better through a proper introduction and education of what your business offers. In every direct mail, you prominently mention a contact number, address, and email for them to contact or find you. This process has actually made people more secure of what they are getting into. It promotes a sense of confidence that you are a legitimate company and that they can only benefit for trying out your services or products. In short, you can establish the credibility and integrity of your company from the very first time you interact with your clients.

Direct Mail can Generate Leads Faster than any Other Means

After you’ve reached out to prospective clients and have educated them about your products and services, they will begin to trust you and come to you. When customers contact you, you will have to spend less time establishing trust and can focus on the customers needs. Front Door Advertising has helped launch successful campaigns for all sorts of business such as cellphone businesses, restaurants, gyms, home improvement companies, and many more. The one thing that they all have in common that helped them succeed in their particular businesses is the power of direct mail advertising. If you are constantly looking for more customers, you can generate leads faster with direct mail marketing.

Whatever your business is right now, direct mail advertising will be able to help you spread the word faster and effectively.Call Front Door Advertising today, and realize that your dreams and visions for a successful company can become reality.